My Mission

     When you consider that the pup you choose could potentially live in your home as long as your child lives at home it makes you realize that your puppy is one of the most important decisions you will make for your family.

     It is my goal to unite you with the dog of your dreams, and for that unity to be a lasting compatible family experience for the typical longevity of 13-17 years with occasional reports of some that live to a considerably older age.

     Some breeders' produce pups for show, hunting, herding, etc. (This is their passion)
For over the past 30+ years, I have chosen to breed for family pets only. striving to create healthy, happy family members. Why? Because most people consider their dog to be a very important "family member". (This is my passion!)

     Everyone asks me how I can part with the puppies after spending so much time with them. Sure, I'll miss them, but when I hear that a family considers their Daisy Dog as "the perfect family member" it gives me a strong sense of purpose. It also feels good to match them up with the family of their dreams! When the family is happy with the dog, the dog will obviously be happy too, therefore I am happy.

The most important qualification in a pet is compatibility.
     Through years of keeping records and receiving follow-up reports from previous adoptions, I've been able to better predict certain genetic traits. This information, along with the time we spend observing and interacting with them, helps me to assist you in choosing your ideal and most compatible puppy. See frequently asked questions.

     It's not just about puppy "cuteness". The qualities of health, temperament, energy level, size, haircoat, etc., are for the most part hereditary. Although raised the same, each puppy is an individual, and the traits they will have as adults are relatively easy for me to predict. In most cases, I know the extended genetic history of my dogs and their individual bloodlines. Historically in the ancestry of all my pups, I have owned not only the parents, but in most cases, the grandparents, great-grandparents and sometimes even the great-great grandparents etc; some dating many more generations back in the pedigrees. Pedigrees (documented family trees) are necessary to prevent wrongful breeding. See frequently asked questions.

     I strive to prevent undesirable hereditary traits, such as shedding, genetic diseases, bad personalities, (along with countless others) that can follow or skip generations. Negative traits could actually crop up unexpectedly several generations later and come back to haunt you. It is the breeder's job to know exactly what is in the background of their bloodlines to prevent this.

     I screen my bloodlines carefully for health and temperament problems, and am not afraid to eliminate whole bloodlines from my breeding program, if I see a negative trend in the genes. This does not guarantee you a problem-free experience, but it does mean that someone is working hard to prevent predictable health and temperament problems. See frequently asked questions.

     I employ a quality, highly trained staff of several team members; caregivers, trainers, and groomers to care for, not only the needs of the puppies, but the parent dogs as well. Because they are bred to be companion dogs, the parents need their share of attention too! Like the puppies, they don't spend their life in a cage. It is unfair that breeding dogs should have to live in a cage to promote someone's pocketbook. All dogs (puppies and adults) get plenty of exercise throughout the day. The team keeps the facility immaculately clean. Routine health inspections are always given the highest rating, which is something we pride ourselves in.

All the pups have been vet checked, vaccinated, wormed, and well-socialized before going to their new homes. Some are even in crate training; learning to be comfortable in their "den" and consistently going potty outside. Because I believe that a "fixed" pet is best in the long run for family compatibility, and to protect my bloodlines, I require that they are neutered or spayed by six months old. (Before the hormones kick in!) See frequently asked questions.

     I am a "service after the sale". If you ever have any questions about your puppy (even when he.s grown), I will try to answer them to the best of my ability.

     As you continue to read, we will discuss many areas of interest that help to define me as a breeder that is set apart from the rest.

Jennifer Peterson
revised 01/09